The tall wooden buildings boom reaches Spain

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The boom in tall wooden buildings has reached Spain with two cities, Barcelona (Catalunya) and Pamplona (Navarra), heading the race.

In Barcelona, the cooperative Sostre Cívic has already completed the eight stories wooden structure for the Cirerers building, in the neighbourhood of Les Roquettes, ​​which makes it the highest building in Spain raised with wood.

The structure made with prefabricated CLT components, has eight stories with a total of 32 apartments. The total reaches 2,700 m2 built. The architect Diego Carrillo has highlighted that the project is a step forward in constructive innovation by using environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials.

Until now, the previous record as the highest wood building in Spain was held by the cooperative building La Borda, built by Vizcaína Egoin and is also located in Barcelona. It is ​25.5 meters high and has seven stories and is already inhabited. For its construction, Vizcaína Egoin used 660 cubic meters of CLT panels and 40 cubic meters of rolled wood of Radiata from forests close to the company’s location.

Recently,  the Navarra Government and the City Council of Pamplona announced an agreement by which both Administrations come together to build an apartment building for seniors in Pamplona which will be the highest in Spain built with wood.

The building, projected by Nasuvinsa – the public housing and urban planning association of the Government of Navarra– will feature 11 stories, 2 underground and 9 above ground level. The total built surface of the building will be 5,000 m2, of which 3,500 m2 will be allocated to homes and the remaining 1,500 m2, to common areas.

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