If you are interested in finding out more and getting deeper insights about poplar, sustainable managed forests, plantations, and poplar and timber products and processes, feel free to download the following materials by renowned industry players and scientists.

Poplar in a sustainable economy

In this informative booklet, ProPopulus offers detailed information on the economic and environmental benefits of poplar, its industrial uses, its link with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and its role in the development of a circular bioeconomy, as well as the important role played by the poplar chain.

Poplar: an irreplaceable asset

This booklet published by the Conseil National du Peuplier, with the support of France Bois Forêt, offers detailed information on the key role of poplar in France and on the characteristics of this exceptional species.

Poplar bioeconomy benefits in Granada

This document highlights the economic, environmental and social assets of poplar as an opportunity to develop a competitive, profitable and highly technological bioeconomy in the province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

  • Social Council - University of Granada - Scientific Coordination: Antolino Gallego Molina

    March 2020

Tackle Climate Change: Use Wood

This book tackles the climate change issue posing timber as a suitable alternative to non-renewable resources. Downloadable in seven languages

Practical Guide to EUTR

Here you can download an introduction to the current EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). Downloadable in English and French

Poplar, the tree of the 21st Century

This downloadable book offers a complete vision of poplar as a sustainable, renewable resource and its benefits.

2nd Conference on Engineered Wood Products Based on Poplar/Willow Wood

All these documents were presented in the framework of the 2nd Conference on Engineered Wood Products Based on Poplar/Willow Wood in León, Spain, in 2016

  • Early assessment of poplar and willow wood properties: selection of parameters and their predictability

    Lieven De Boever, Jan Van Den Bulcke, Joris Van Acker


  • Low risk of transferring microorganisms from artificially contaminated poplar crates to foodstuffs

    Mathilde Montibus, Rached Ismail, Isabelle Le Bayon, Adeline Jasick, Martine Gabille, Florence Aviat, Valérie Michel, Michel Federighi, Magdalena Kutnik


  • Thermal insulating materials made up of poplar wood fibers

    Pierre Vignon, Mohamad Hobballah, Huyen Tran, Jérôme Moreau, Christine Delisée, Michael Lecourt, Rachid Belalia


  • Study of the stress-grading of poplar for a structural use

    IPC Working Party on Harvesting and Utilization of Poplar and Willow Wood


  • Kiln drying properties of hybrid poplar clones from three growing sites

    Yves Fortin, Suying Xing, Roger E. Hernández


  • Enhancing poplar plywood with sound absorption properties

    Francesco Negro, Corrado Cremonini, Gaetano Castro, Marco Fringuellino, Antonio Spinelli, Guido Callegari, Roberto Zanuttini


  • Durability of exterior wood works in poplar from France in real conditions of use

    David Lorenzo, Magdalena Kutnik, Juan Fernández-Golfin, Manuel Touza, Manuel Guaita


  • OHT of poplar round wood – the wood’s resistance to white rot

    Waldemar Perdoch, Stanisław Karpiński, Janusz Zawadzki, Bartłomiej Mazela


  • Poplar Wood Related Research in Hungary

    Róbert Németh, Sándor Fehér, József Ábrahám, Miklós Bak, Norbert Horváth, Szabolcs Komán, Péter Szeles


  • Bending properties of tangentially and radially sawn European aspen and silver birch wood after industrial scale thermo-mechanical modification

    Juhani Marttila, Veikko Möttönen, Yağmur Bütün & Henrik Heräjärvi


  • Challenge the Ordinary (Company Presentation)



  • Use of poplar for wood-polymer composites manufacturing

    Sébastien Migneault, Ahmed Koubaa, Djamila Kada, Ghazela Tabak, Mohamed Mokhtar Hadidane


  • Potential of thermally modified poplar wood for construction products

    Lieven De Boever, Jan Van Den Bulcke, Joris Van Acker


  • Mechanical properties of Laminated Veneer Lumber made from 14 poplar cultivars

    Louis Denaud, Jean Claude Butaud, Michael Krebs, Rémy Marchal, Istie Rahayu1


  • Enhanced potential of poplar and willow for engineered wood products

    Joris Van Acker, Nele Defoirdt, Jan Van den Bulcke


  • Laminated Veneer and Rubber Lumbers (LVRL): Manufacturing and Physic-mechanical Characteristics

    Xinwu Xu


  • Producing medium density fibre board based on bamboo-willow

    Mei Changtong