The benefits of a poplar plantation bioeconomy in Granada

ProPopulus Team

The Social Council of the University of Granada, Spain, has recently published a study on how poplar benefits bioeconomy in the province of Granada, in Andalusia, Spain, as part of the project Dialogues with Society. The Council is the University’s branch for social participation and aims at promoting the connection between the University, companies, and society.

The research, titled The benefits of a poplar plantation bioeconomy in Granada, was coordinated by UG Professor Antolino Gallego, who also coordinates the Agropoplar initiative.

This new study is the product of intense work during which research staff from the University of Granada, IFAPA, businessmen, and experts, all linked to the poplar sector in Granada, have taken part. The poplar tree is currently framed within the primary production sector of the Granada province, and has been affected by important changes that makes it a crop in declination, which has direct negative implications on environment, economy, people, etc.

The document helps visualizing the great opportunity that the development of the poplar sector can represent for the Granada province. It would positively affect the quality of life of the people in that region. It also reviews the benefits of boosting a bioeconomy based on poplar trees as a dynamizing agent.

If you want to know more about the results of the research, the complete document, in Spanish, it is available for download here.

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