Be prepared to become part of the change

A new year has begun and as the world changes, so does ProPopulus. These are exciting times for us! We have developed a new vision for the association, according to which we aim to become a source of knowledge, an influencer in the promotion of poplar as a European, highly sustainable and renewable source of raw material, and a leader in the sustainability challenge. And so, a few months ago, we launched a new website with a renewed image, we have started a blog that you can find here and we’ve gone social with profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Convinced as we are that populicuture and the poplar chain must play a key role in building a responsible bioeconomy, we have developed different formulas with which you can join us and become part of the poplar revolution and of ProPopulus’ community.  Be ready, because more information is coming through our social media next week. Be part of the change!

What's going on