ProPopulus launches a directory of the poplar industry players available to all

ProPopulus Team

Aiming to be a connection hub for poplar industry players in Europe and, at the same time, to make it easier for anyone interested in finding a particular industry player, ProPopulus is launching a new directory that gathers more than 300 entries of European institutions, forestry owners’ associations, companies and organizations belonging to the forestry, timber and poplar chain, which is available to all.

In this database, online as of today, searches can be made in three languages (English, French and Spanish). Users can also search by name of the organization/company/institution, by country, or by activity.  

The access to the directory, hosted in the ProPopulus website under the name Who is Who, is completely open to the public. In order to increase it, we encourage everyone to send us information about any industry player you find and is not included to   The association reserves the right to assess the incoming entries and incorporate them to the directory.

We hope that you find this new resource useful! 

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