Welcome to our new web

We are very proud to present our new website. This new online meeting point is the first step towards boosting our activities in order to live up to our purpose of helping develop a healthier planet by promoting a more sustainable society based on an intelligent use of Nature’s renewable resources.

Committed as we are to raising awareness about the need of substituting non-renewable resources with sustainably efficient ones, like poplar, this site aims at becoming a knowledge and information hub in the promotion of the use of poplar as a European, highly sustainable and renewable source of raw material.

In this new site, you will find information about our Association, our members and on how to be part of this initiative, as well as information, studies and researches related to poplar, sustainability & unsustainability, sustainable forest management, bio-economy and other relevant topics.

As one of our goals is to improve and promote new communication channels for initiatives, information and research, this site will soon incorporate new features for researchers to share their work and papers and strengthen information flows. Also, reading our blog will keep you up to date about related news and events worldwide, as well as on our member’s events and activities and on ProPopulus’ views and initiatives.


What's going on