Introducing AppPopuli, a new application for poplar damage management

ProPopulus Team

On June 9 in Valencia de Don Juan (León, Spain), within the framework of the training session “Detection and Monitoring of Damages in Poplar Plantations,” organized by the University of León in collaboration with Bosques y Ríos and the Forest Association of León (ASFOLE), the results of the AppPopuli project will be presented. The project aims to generate useful digital tools for poplar damage management.

This project, which reflects the real transfer of knowledge between the university and the company, as well as the joint effort to promote the value chain of poplar, has been developed by researchers from the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering of the Ponferrada Campus of the University of León, the School of Industrial, Computer, and Aerospace Engineering of the University of León, and the company Bosques y Ríos.

During the session, the AppPopuli application will be presented to poplar growers and managers. This application allows them to submit damage reports and directly access possible causes from their mobile phones. This innovative tool has been designed to provide a practical and efficient solution for detecting and monitoring problems in poplar plantations.

The session will conclude with a field visit in Valencia de Don Juan, where a practical demonstration of the presented digital tools will take place. Additionally, the susceptibility to pests and diseases of different poplar clones will be analyzed, providing a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this field.

This is a free event, although seating is limited. Therefore, prior registration is required through the following link: (

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