Poplar will take Valladolid and Buenos Aires in October

October will be poplar’s month with two major symposiums taking place around the world: in Valladolid, Spain, (from October 17th to 19th) and in Buenos Aires, Argentina (from October 28th to November 4th).
In Valladolid, the event will be held in the framework of the Program for Mobilization of Forest Resources in Castilla y Leon 2014-2022. The objective is sponsoring communication among the sector agents and create a debate forum to address the current situation and the future of poplar cultivation.
Poplar plantations in Castilla y Leon cover 44,260 hectares. In Europe, poplar is one of the most sustainably efficient species since its speed of growth maximizes CO2 storage. But not just that: poplar can also be planted on otherwise useless land, thus optimizing land use to increase timber supply with a renewable source of raw material. As green filters, poplar plantations can also hold between 70% and 90% of nitrates and 75% of sediments, thus preventing erosion during floods.
In Buenos Aires, the Seventh International Poplar Symposium has been organized by the Argentinian chapter of the non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest research scientists IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) under the title “New Bio-economies: Exploring the Potential Role of Salicaceae”.
This Argentinian symposium will focus on the management and conservation of genetic resources, the eco-physiological factors that define the production and sustainability of plantations, the utilization of technologies that maximize the genetic potential for obtaining timber and non-timber products and preserving or recovering degraded environments.

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