Spain announces that the blockchain solution for traceability in the timber sector “a success”

ProPopulus team

Spain’s blockchain project for forestry has taken a major step forward. One of the partners of ChainWood, the consortium responsible for the development, recently announced in a statement that the project, that has been carried out for over two years, piloting pine, eucalyptus, poplar and chestnut in Galicia, Asturias and Castilla y León has been successful.

Two years ago, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food announced their intention of using blockchain technology to develop forestry. With that aim a supranational consortium, made up of companies, technology centres and other entities from the forestry and innovation sector was created under the name of ChainWood,

The project aimed to improve the efficiency and traceability of Spanish wood supply by applying blockchain in industrial logistics. In other words, a blockchain solution to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the Spanish wood industry, by providing an “intelligent management and traceability tool” for the entire supply chain of forest-based products.

Software, a web and a mobile app “improve, streamlines and makes communication between the different actors involved in the supply chain more transparent”. The information is accessible in real time, explained the statement.

Hence, the different players involved in the wood supply chain such as owners, associations, logging companies, transporters, certifiers, public administrations, and transformers have “a more efficient, safe and sustainable product management and traceability tool”, said the statement.

The development was financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, through a grant of 539,000 euros. The main goal of this project has been to “design and develop a secure software infrastructure based on blockchain” to be applied to by-products of the first transformation of wood; from solid wood, disintegration, cellulose pulp and biomass.

The consortium that has developed this project is made up of two forestry partners (FMC forestry consulting and Maderas Siero), two technology partners (Accuro Technology and Emergya), an association of forest owners (Fafcyle), two technological foundations (Cetemas and CTA) and an industrial cluster (Cluster da Madeira eo Deseño de Galicia).

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