Planet Wood a new Spanish initiative to raise awareness on the benefits of wood

ProPopulus Team

Planeta Madera (Planet Wood) is the new initiative launched on Earth Day, April 22nd, by the Spanish Wood and Furniture Business Union, UNEmadera, to raise awareness on why wood is a renewable, recyclable, sustainable raw material and is key towards making a more responsible society and the construction of a circular bioeconomy.

The Planet Wood initiative portrays the social, environmental, and economic benefits of wood and wood-based products, as well as the different uses of wood in diverse industries from building to technology, including fashion and clean energy. The campaign consists of the website from where information and documents can be downloaded, as well as nine videos that will be shared on its own YouTube channel and UNEmadera’s social profiles. Both, the documents and videos are available in Spanish only.

The first explanatory video on why we should care about wood and forests is already online and every three weeks UNEmadera will release a short new video on a different aspect of how wood, forests, and the sustainable management of forests contributes to tackling climate change, helps in building a circular bioeconomy, and prevents the abandonment of rural areas in Spain. These videos will be accompanied by short presentation videos and announced on UNEmadera social profiles.

“This initiative arises from our concern to create consciousness and consensus among the different players in society about the need to transform our relationship with the planet changing the prevailing economic model towards one that is more sustainable”, explains Ignacio García, Director of AEFCON, a member of UNEmadera.

This means decarbonizing the economy, reducing pollution, and moving towards a circular bioeconomy, involving the promotion of bio-based, renewable, and recyclable products and services. In this context, the forestry sector is one of the main actors and the facilitators of the new desired economic model. In addition, it helps other productive sectors, traditionally consumers of petroleum derivatives, to make an ecological transition, incorporating fibres of biological origin to produce their goods.

“There are many applications of wood, wood by-products or wood-based products, that are unknown on general basis. With Planet Wood we want to make visible the many applications of this renewable, recyclable material as well as the advantages that the forestry sector brings to rural areas, and the environmental services sustainable managed forests offer to society”, explains Ignacio García.

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