Poplar, an exceptional tree

Propopulus Team

One of the goals of ProPopulus is to inform society about why poplar is an exceptional tree, and the role played by poplar trees in the building of a new bioeconomy, substituting, when possible, fossil-based products with bio-based products and specifically poplar wood.

One of the many tasks we have undertaken is to produce informative material that shows the many benefits of populiculture, for both landowners and society. Also, we highlight the industrial uses of poplar, other than for furniture making and production of matches, which are the most well-known.

Poplar, a tree that rocks

Hence, we are proud to present a new booklet, titled Poplar, a tree that rocks, that compiles in a brief and comprehensive way facts and curiosities about poplar. You can find it in our website’s Tech Papers section.

Downloadable from our Tech Papers Section

In this booklet,  downloadable in English, Spanish, French and Italian from our website, you will find information on how poplar forests and plantations are currently distributed in Europe.

Also, on why poplar is good for the planet, interesting facts about poplar and poplar cultivation, the characteristics that make it a versatile wood, its industrial uses and how poplar cultivation contributes to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

For those keen to find out more on poplar, our Tech Papers section offers a variety of downloadable documents from experts and institutions.

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