Peupliers de France launches a new website

ProPopulus Team

After nine months of hard work, and with the support of France Bois Forêt and CODIFAB, the French Poplar National Council (Consel National du Peuplier, CNP) recently announced the launching of a new version of Peupliers de France website, including a brand-new Poplar Directory.

Currently this Directory mainly includes Merci le Peuplier members, but as announced by the CNP, it will gradually be enriched by other companies and organizations related to poplar. Companies included in the Directory can update their data and companies not included can register in the Directory on the site.

According to the CNP release, “the Peupliers de France site was created in 2006, and despite a makeover and updates, the old design, the type of operation, and the need to integrate a directory of the sector required a total renovation. In addition, the Merci le Peuplier data management platform, created in 2015, also needed an overhaul to offer a more efficient and broader service”.

As of today, several sections have been completely redesigned, others that come from the previous site (menu “populiculture”) will require an in-depth update. The CNP intends to complete this task during 2022.

The new Peupliers de France website –only available in French– includes the Poplar Directory, a linkage tool that had become essential to French poplar growers and to the French poplar industry; and the new Merci le Peuplier management platform, that is the heart of the Poplar Directory, and now offers better services for member companies.

The Peupliers de France site’s new architecture has clear and accessible sections, a library that includes the main reference documents on poplar, and which will be gradually improved. It also includes a “mini-sites” menu to highlight the pages of partners who have chosen this display and support formula.

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