ProPopulus was created in 2008 by an independent group of growers, promoters, companies and organizations that belong to the poplar chain with the end of promoting poplar as a strategic alternative to non-renewable resources, promoting the use of poplar as a local, highly sustainable and renewable source of raw material that plays a key role in developing a European bio-economy.


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A knowledge hub

Becoming a recognized knowledge hub is strategic to increase awareness on the importance of poplar plantations and forests as sustainable and renewable sources of raw material with many applications.


Agents of change

Explaining that tree-harvesting and plantations are critical in developing a sustainable, circular economy is essential to initiate change towards building a responsible relationship with our Planet.


Poplar promoters

Ideas and initiatives that encourage the use of poplar products and address land availability, Sustainable Forest Management and regulatory issues are our way of helping Nature.


We are open-minded, responsible and reliable partners and collaborators that do no harm to Nature while helping society face the sustainability challenge.


Our main goal is to gather understanding to help Nature, developing a society based on moderation, intelligence sharing and healthy environments, without compromising the future.


Propopulus current members are Aefcon (Spain); Chambre du Peuplier (France); IUPC (France); Federlegno Arredo (Italy); Confédération Belge Du Bois (Belgium); Centre de Populiculture du Hainaut (Belgium); Derula (Hungary) and U Gent (Belgium).