Poplar plywood

European poplar plywood to meet market demands

ProPopulus Team More than a year has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supported by Belarus. Since then, more than 30 countries have imposed sanctions on Russian and Belarusian exports, including timber and timber by-products, including plywood. The European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway have banned all timber imports from both countries.…

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European poplar, a local, sustainable, efficient choice

ProPopulus Team The ban on Russian and Belarusian birch and birch plywood, as well as on all other timber and forestry by-products from these countries, is an opportunity for European producers, manufacturers, traders, and consumers to turn to other wood species widely produced within the EU. Among those, European poplar and poplar plywood from sustainably…

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In search of an alternative to Russian birch

ProPopulus Team With Russian and Belarusian birch plywood banned across Europe, the need for an alternative is on the rise. European poplar wood from sustainably managed forests and plantations as well as European poplar plywood mainly produced in France, Spain, and Italy, comes in handy as a sound substitute, depending on the application’s technical and…

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