Zonas rurales

Poplar is a fundamental resource for France’s rural life

ProPopulus Team France is Europe’s first poplar producer. Poplar cultivation in France began in the 1760’s, and although the areas planted with poplar have been shrinking for the last 20 years, today, populicuture creates 12.000 direct non-relocatable jobs and an equal number of indirect jobs in French rural areas, strengthening the economic activity at several…

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The European Forest Institute (EFI) will hold the International Workshop on Forest Fires in Madrid

ProPopulus Team This year Spain has seen the equivalent of more than 100,000 football fields burn in wildfires. The abandonment of rural areas and traditional agriculture and forestry has resulted in the accumulation of biomass in forests, which, coupled with an extremely warm and windy summer, has produced a combination that feeds the risk of…

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Professor Joris Van Acker new chairman of ProPopulus

ProPopulus Team On July ProPopulus held its last General Assembly meeting in Paris where Professor Joris Van Acker was appointed new Chairman of the Association, succeeding Mr. Pedro Garnica. Professor Van Acker develops his work at the Laboratory of Wood Technology (Woodlab) of the Ghent University (UGent) in Belgium and will be presiding ProPopulus over…

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