Forest owners

Granada, home to the first Spanish poplar eco-producer association

ProPopulus Team A group of poplar producers in Granada is taking the first steps towards the creation of an association for poplar eco-producers. It will be sponsored by the LIFE Wood for Future programme and will be financed by the European Union, a new tool for the promotion of a poplar bioeconomy in the area.…

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Getting more visible and interacting with other networks at the heart of ProPopulus’ action plan

ProPopulus team Following his appointment as chairman of ProPopulus, Professor Joris Van Acker has outlined his action plan for the association over the next years. One of the main focuses of this plan is continuing with ProPopulus branding project improving its web site, with new and better contents and features. Another main subject in Professor…

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Do you want to know how much a forest contributes beyond the wood it produces?

ProPopulus Team Forests don’t just produce wood. The benefits they bring to the ecosystem are many, but not incalculable. The international NGO FSC has developed a pioneering methodology to calculate them and will promote it in Spain through a series of technical workshops. The first workshop will take place on September 12 and 13 at…

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