Ecosystem Services

Spain announces that the blockchain solution for traceability in the timber sector “a success”

ProPopulus team Spain’s blockchain project for forestry has taken a major step forward. One of the partners of ChainWood, the consortium responsible for the development, recently announced in a statement that the project, that has been carried out for over two years, piloting pine, eucalyptus, poplar and chestnut in Galicia, Asturias and Castilla y León…

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Agroforestry systems, a way to boost bio-economy

ProPopulus Team In early December Madrid will be hosting the XXV Conference of the Partiesof the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. With regard to the so-called Climate Summit, one should remember that one of the main problems we face when addressing global warming and subsequent climate change is the economic system in which we…

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What are ecosystem services and why should we care and pay for them

ProPopulus team Ecosystem services are the many benefits that Nature provides to society.  These benefits make human life possible and divide into direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits are, for example, the provision of nutritious foods and clean water, called “provisioning services”, or the regulation of features such as floods, land degradation, desiccation, soil salinization,…

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