In trees lays the answer

ProPopulus team It is no secret that too much of what we consume today is made of non-renewable materials, and although we can recycle some of them, renewing them is not an option. In fact, the planet cannot keep up with our rate of consumption, and according to experts just within the building materials sector,…

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Madrid will host the UNECE Expert Workshop On Green Forest Jobs

ProPopulus Team Next week, on June 25 to 26, Madrid will host the Expert Workshop on “Green Forest Jobs: Facing challenges, exploring opportunities and increasing the capacity of UNECE member States”. The workshop will take place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Montes Forestal y del Medio Natural. The workshop will go through…

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The shortage of poplar threatens the Spanish industry of plywood

ProPopulus Team In just a few months, in 2020, the availability of Poplar as raw material for the Spanish plywood industry will match the demand. Since then, Spain’s plywood industry faces a scenario of scarcity already portrayed in the inventory published in 2017 by the public Society of Infrastructure and Environment of Castilla y León…

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