Wood buildings, potential major carbon sinks

ProPopulus Team Switching to wood on a wide scale as primary construction material for buildings in Europe could sequester 420 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years –the equivalent of emissions from 108 coal plants–, according to a new study on the carbon storage potential of new European buildings between 2020 y…

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A new construction material made of poplar wood is in the market

Lignumstrand, the new wood-based building material made of PEFC certified local (Spain) poplar wood, obteined the CE marking

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Wood, an unbeatable building material

ProPopulus Team Protecting forests from changes in land use, increasing planted forests, improving sustainable forest management and using certified wood to build high-rise buildings can help meet the challenge of cutting down carbon emissions and tackling climate change. To foster a greener building sector would also contribute to a bio-based, more sustainable economy.   Just in…

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