Poplar, vital for building a bioeconomy in Spain

ProPopulus Team The importance of poplar cultivation in the construction of a bioeconomy in Spain, its potential for  generating rural employment, its environmental advantages and its efficiency in terms of sustainability were some of the matters discussed at the “El Chopo” (Poplar) forest seminar, held on October 7th in Pamplona, ​​Navarra, Spain. The event was…

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Agroforestry, a suitable solution SDG oriented

ProPopulus Team From the European Green Deal to the Farm to Fork Strategy, agroforestry is becoming a great solution to climate change mitigation, adaptation, resilience and biodiversity. It has a fantastic potential that is still not really understood. Here are some key concepts about what it is and the benefits of agroforestry taken from the…

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A forest bioeconomy is in the making, but more purposeful action is required

ProPopulus Moving towards a green circular bioeconomy is no longer an option but an obligation to help people and the plant tackle global challenges, stretching from climate change to pandemics. Thus, the so-called Bio Revolution is on the making and is expected to have a direct global annual impact on the economy of 3.5 billion…

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